Final Fantasy Randomizer - Highlander Tournament

  • 19 Players
  • Double Elimination
  • Final Fantasy
  • March 2, 2019 at 12:00 PM EST


This is a 1-vs-1, double-elimination bracket tournament designed to test the mettle of Final Fantasy Randomizer racers under a variety of conditions.  Each match pairing is Best-of-3 until the Semi-Finals (4 participants remaining) onward, which shift to Best-of-5.

Initial seedings for the tournament will be determined by the relative rankings of the participants on SpeedRunsLive (SRL) at the close of tournament sign-ups, with higher/better participants receiving higher/better rankings in the tournament.  Participants in an "unranked" state on SRL at time of seeding will be randomized and placed in the tournament's lowest/lesser seeds.  Seed rankings for the tournament will not change once set.

Contestants are expected to complete all games of the current round within a two week period, though may elect to complete them faster if both parties of a future round are ready to do so. The administration does, however, reserve the right to grant an extension on a case-by-case basis for unforeseen life issues such as hospitalization, death of a family member, or similar issues more important than a hobby tournament. The dates and times of such games are to be scheduled by the pairing,  through whichever medium they choose. A discord server channel is available for such purposes, but joining it is in no way a requirement for competitors.

A participant failing to appear at the agreed-upon time with his opponent will be ruled as a forfeit for that game. Failure to complete and/or schedule matches without having been granted an extension for legitimate reasons will also be ruled as a forfeit for one or both participants, depending on the circumstances and each individual's attempts to adhere to the tournament schedule.

The sign-up period ends on March 2nd, 2019 at 12:00PM Eastern, with the first round of the tournament beginning at that time with rounds lasting two weeks.


The tournament will be played on version 2.5.0, or whatever is the current most recent version of the randomizer, with the baseline set of flags adjusting to mirror the intent of the flagset if necessary.  The tournament organizers reserve the ability to include or exclude possible newly released randomizer features or settings at their discretion.

The baseline set of flags is as follows:


The baseline flags shuffle treasure, but with no incentivized items or locations.  Shops are shuffled.  Early Sarda and Early Sage is enabled, but Early Ordeals is not.  All bugfixes are enabled except Weapon Stats.  Castle Ordeals pillars are shuffled. XP is set to 1.0x+0, increased by 10% per Key Item found, with shop prices at 100%-400%.  Enemies/Bosses are set to a flat 100% with no scripts, skills/spells or status attacks shuffled.


The actual flags played, in each game of each match set, will be selected solely by the two participants.  There are seven Flag Pools, and each Flag Pool contains 2 or 3 preset options.  Players will alternate -- on  a race to race basis -- selecting options from the seven Flag Pools until all pools are selected and the flags are finalized for that single game.  The higher/better seed selecting settings in Games 1-3-5 and the lower/lesser seed selecting in Games 2-4.

The player that DOES NOT choose the race flags in a given game is gifted with one VETO for use during the flag selection procedure. If desired, that player may VETO a Flag Pool option selected by their opponent and immediately substitute a different option from the same Flag Pool.  This player must elect to use the VETO immediately upon Flag Selection and may not "go back" to change a previously selected option.  Unused vetoes do not carry over into future matches.

All matches will be played on the SpeedRunsLive platform. Whether or not games are restreamed will depend on participants' desires and subject to restreaming networks' availability at the time agreed upon by contestants.

A rudimentary web interface has been set up to help generate flag strings; it might be buggy so please make sure to double-check the flags and report any inconsistencies.

Flag Pools


  • Vanilla; where enemies/bosses have no randomization applied.
  • Fiendish;  Skills/Spells are random, but not scripts or statuses. Stats are randomized to 67%-150%.
  • Chaos;  AI, spells, abilities and stats are all randomized. Stats are randomized to 50%-200%.


  • Vanilla; magic spells/shops are not randomized.
  • Adept; spell levels are randomized.  Shops are not randomized.
  • Dobby;  spell levels are randomized, using vanilla spell permissions, with spell shop shuffle enabled.


  • Vanilla; enemies do not have their experience or gold yields adjusted. (1.0x+0)
  • GottaGoFast; enemy yields are adjusted to 2.5x. (2.5x+0)
  • LOLXP; (5.0x+500)


  • Off; weapon critical hit rates and their inability to penetrate enemy weaknesses will remain as they are in the original NES release.
  • On; weapon critical hit chance is (allegedly) closer to the developer intended rates, and weapons get a damage bonus for striking vulnerable foes.


  • Free form; participants are free to choose their own party.  "Forced None" may be choosed by a player for themselves if desired.
  • Forced; party choice is randomized amongst all six character classes. "Forced None" is NOT an included option.
  • Draft; when this option is selected, the players will draft the characters for the game after the flag pool selection process. The winner of the previous game in this match series picks the first and fourth character, while the opponent gets second and third picks.  If this is the first game of the match, the lower/lesser seed selects the first and fourth character, while the higher/better seed selects second and third.  Any of the six character classes, plus the choice of "Forced None," are all valid draft picks.


  • Vanilla; The vanilla map, without any changes.
  • Extended; The game map using Open Progression and Extended open Progression.
  • Helter Skelter;  Entrances, Floors and Towns are shuffled.  In addition, Main NPC items are shuffled.


  • Vanilla;  Kill the four fiends to unlock the temple of fiends, find your way to Chaos through the entirety of the Temple of Fiends Revisited by using both LUTE and KEY.
  • CHAOS Rush; Start the game with Free Orbs and every key item needed to descend into a regular-sized Temple of Fiends.
  • Biggses & Wedges;  Collect 16 shards, then dive into Short TOFR with an Alternate Final Boss.


General questions and comments can be made through the tournament's Discord channel.

Feel free to contact the tournament administrator through either Discord (Artea#8440) or on irc.speedrunslive.com (Artea) with more specific questions or to bring up unacceptable behavior on the part of your opponents or other participants.

Do note that the administration's idea of unacceptable may greatly differ from yours and the chosen resolution, or lack thereof, may not necessarily be to your satisfaction.


A huge thank you to ichbinmiah for editing this text and turning it into something human-friendly. \o/



  • Added link to web interface for flag string generation.


  • Clarified the "Draft" part selection option.

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