QLASH StarCraft2 Community Series #3

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In-Game channel: QLASHCommunity

Rules & more:

Click me for full announcement & rules!

Join the discord server!

You HAVE to be Diamond league or above to participate!

NO Barcodes!

NO players with more than 100 WCS points  in the previous two seasons!

-> if your opponent doesn't match the requirement, report to an admin!

There will be no seeding; the bracket will be randomized

- all matches are BO3 besides the final, which is going to be a BO5

- matches will be played on the EU server

- BO3 veto system: ABBA BAC (higher seed acts as A)

- BO5 veto system: AB ABABC (higher seed acts as A)

- Skins and sprays are allowed, unless your opponent asks you to turn them off / not use them

- Switching races in-between a series is not allowed

- In case of a disconnect, the game has to be resumed from replay

- In case of a draw, the map will be replayed

Map pool:

Automaton LE

Cyber Forest LE

Kairos Junction LE

King's Cove LE

New Repugnancy LE

Port Aleksander LE

Year Zero LE

Résultats finaux

Gagnant du tournoi: gerald23sc2
Digne adversaire: Shinø

Code d’intégration du Bracket

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