2021 NA Apprentice Season 1 Code S Qualifier 1

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Tournament started!

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Season 1 info: https://tl.net/forum/sc2-tournaments/567660-2021-na-apprentice


Top 6 (4 from upper and 2 from lower) qualify for Code S.

Today's qualified players are also eligible for their part of a $75 prize pool.

1st/4th: $15

5th/6th: $7.5


Twitter: https://twitter.com/NA_Apprentice

Discord: https://discord.gg/JakSZZv

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/NA_Apprentice


General Rules

  • Player eligibility: Only NA citizens and residents may participate (US & Canada). Also cannot have reached top 6 of a 2020 DH NA tournament.
  • Default servers (based on player location): NA vs NA -> NA Central, NA vs KR/SEA/Hawaii --> US West, NA vs EU --> US East
  • Chat channel: ApprenticeNA
  • Map pool: Ladder

Qualifier Format

  • Bo3 double elimination. Qualifying matches are Bo5.
  • Higher seed (whoever has the lower number in the bracket) chooses to be A or B. 
  • Bo3 veto process is ABBA BAC.
  • Bo5 veto process is AB ABABC.

Other Rules

  • Check in begins 1 hour before the qualifier start time. If players don't check in, they will be disqualified.
  • Players may claim a walkover win if their opponent doesn't show up/respond within the next 10 minutes after a match becomes available to play. Contact the admin (Sugar) in order to claim the walkover. If he is not in the in-game chat channel, message him on Discord (Sugar#3780).
  • The chat channel is the players' primary method of contacting their opponents. Failure to be present in the in-game chat channel may lead to disqualification.
  • If a draw happens for whatever reason, then that game must be played again on the same map.
  • Players may stream their own games, but if they decide to, then they acknowledge the risks associated with doing so. Also, players reserve the right to decline anyone who wishes to stream/observe their matches.
  • Players' Challonge names must match with their main StarCraft name. Any barcodes or clear smurf accounts will be removed from the bracket.  
  • No race switching mid-series is allowed. Once map vetoes are completed, players must compete with their current race.
  • No cheating/hacking of any form is tolerated. Any offenders will be removed from the bracket and banned from future events.
  • Excessive BM/toxicity is not tolerated as well. Should any players experience this in-game, send a screenshot to the admin Sugar via Discord and if he determines the evidence is enough, the offending player will be removed from the bracket.

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