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The winner of this tournament becomes Admanistrator - Vance 


Saturday, September 23rd 4:30 MST.

Everyone is given a week to contact and play their opponent each round.

Disqualifications will be given to unresponsive players if matches are not played by the end of the week.

Tournament Rules

No Grima or Elise MC

1 MC and deck only, no switching at all. 
Best of 3 games
Games will be played on the LackeyCCG servers (see additional links). VIT may be used if both players agree to it.

If you don't have a 1st round opponent, don't spectate the game of one of the two people you'll have to play during the next round. I.e, I don't have a 1st round match and Tibarn or Duck will be my next opponent and I haven't decided what deck I'll use since I haven't played yet, I can't spectate Tibarn and Duck's game.

The player going first will be decided through a die roll or decided by the loser of the previous game.
All cards played are final and cannot be taken back, unless a rule is broken and the problem is easily fixed. You are responsible for knowing if any rules of the game are broken. Any uncorrected misplays are carried on.
Cards accidentally drawn from the deck are placed back.
Always let your opponent know what effect(s) you are activating and what card(s) you are targeting.
Players are allowed to see the opponent’s retreat area and face down bonds if asked.

If a player disconnects and the game is unable to be recovered, the disconnecting player forfeits the game. To recover a lost game go to menu>revert to autosave 1/2. I recommend saving your games often to prevent any disputes. Menu>save game.

If both players disconnect, the game is reset.

Gentleman's agreement (optional)
A player can propose a gentleman's agreement of taking their promotion in their opening hand.
If this is agreed upon, players draw 5 cards and then put their promotion in their hand. You are still allowed one mulligan: redraw the 5 cards and add the promotion to your hand.

Game Rules

Standard cipher format, refer to this page

Join the Cipher Discord group to contact your opponent:


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