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Crown Cup 4

Crown Cup 4. Battle for the BA Crown. (current holder Cartouche)

2PM BST Sat 23rd July 2022, Join Discord

To play or watch use Skylobby (32bit) or Springlobby (64bit) & Tourney Map pack

1st Prize: BA Crown unique item for commander

Top 10: Win between 1 and 10 votes that let you control the future of BA

1st, 2nd, 3rd + Best Prediction Prize: Crown Cup 4 gold name

Rules: Type !preset 1v1 before start. Map in header. Report results after. Immediately find next enemy and play. Lower bracket are all Bo1 including finals.

Upper Finals & Grand Final: 1st map written in bracket header, loser picks next map from pool, repeat picks allowed, same map can be played max twice per set.

Grand Final Extra Rule: Winners bracket winner starts with +1 round headstart. Whoever wins the Bo7 wins the Crown

Final & Grand Final map pool:

Comet Catcher Redux


TitanDuel 2.2


Extra Info:

  • This is a community run event, help by arranging matches, messaging missing enemies & reporting results. If you are a BA admin you also have Challonge admin.
  • 1 hour grace period from start, start early if both agree. Find & message missing enemies.  Report absent enemy on discord to auto win.  If enemy won't play, you win.
  • If you have pending games do not spectate other matches. As soon as your next opponent is ready stop spectating other matches and play.
  • Non-stock widgets will be disabled. FPS mode not allowed. Techniques everyone can do are allowed.
  • Saying gg mid game does not count as a loss, win condition is the game ending.
  • Use spectator chat not global chat, when watching matches (alt+enter)
  • Pauses are allowed, but if your enemy pauses and goes away for too long you may unpause and continue.
  • If you forget to apply settings, victory goes to to the winner of the situation as if correct settings had been applied.
  • If running low on time, a match winner may be declared early to speed up the event

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    Ce bracket est un aperçu et risque de changer avant que le tournoi commence.

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