DeFrag Open League #1 Duels

  • 3 joueur Single Elimination  
  • Quake III: Arena  
  • 31 December 2018 à 01:00 +04  
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Scheme of conducting:

Single Elimination

16 players - 8 pairs - 15 duels.


1/8 - best of one (15 min, summary - 120 min)

1/4 - best of one (15 min, summary - 60 min)


Semi-Final - best of one (30 min, summary - 60 min)

Grand Final - best of three (30 min for map, summary - 90 min)

UPD:  Who will not appear at the appointed time for the tournament will be given a technical defeat.
Or warn the tournament organizer in advance.

Maps for the tournament:

Only 6 maps. 3 of them are known a week before the start of the tournament immediately to all players, so that they can prepare. The remaining 3 are left to the finals and no one has seen them, they are in fact published in general access only after the tournament, on the dedicated servers of the tournament will be immediately.

Kind of maps:

The average duration is 25 seconds or more.

1/8 -  strafe/minimum of weapons

1/4 - single weapon/combo

Semi-Final - single weapon/combo

Grand Final - 1st: strafe, 2nd: single weapon/combo, 3rd: combo

Tournament features:

CPM or VQ3? - The physics of each individual tournament is selected by the participants themselves, after the publication of the list of maps. If the number of votes is equal, a randomizer is used.

Time resets and Overbounces - In the name of general entertainment and expansion of the player's range of actions, the intersection of the start line is allowed multiple times. All kinds of OBs are also allowed.

Note to OB - on STRAFE maps, where there are no OBs without which you can not pass, they are completely turned off. On WEAPON maps all types of OBs are allowed, even the absolute random (lucky the strongest) 

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Starting 2 thousand, plus the possibility from donating.

1st place -  1000 RUB

2nd place - 500 RUB

3rd place - 350 RUB

4th place - 150 RUB

For any questions write in the discussion or in the discord -w00dy-#9521


Ce bracket est un aperçu et risque de changer avant que le tournoi commence.

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