Gundam Showdown Remastered 3

  • 9 Teams
  • Double Elimination
  • gundam versus
  • 2 June 2018 à 21:00 EDT
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Please Read All Rules

Tournament Starts on 02/03 @ 6PM PST


Double Elimination: 

First to Two takes the match.

First to Three for winners finals, losers finals, and grand finals only

Once you are defeated in both Winners and Losers Bracket, you will be eliminated from the tournament. 


Because this is a 2v2 tournament, you will be registering as a team. Please register with your PSN ID to make the tournament process easier. If not, be prepared to tell us your PSN ID on the stream and/or Discord. Also don't forget to Check In on the Challonge page one hour before the tournament. (during friendly stream)

Stream Rules

Make sure you add to ur psn friend list: Hitoshyura and Jakegundam to make the tournament run smoothly...also be sure to turn off your notifications in your PS4 so that the stream will not be interrupted. Thanks!

Offstream Rules

Matches that are held offstream, please report your scores both in the Challonge and on Discord...on Discord be prepared to have a screenshot of your victory in case there is a problem or dispute. 

Character Lock:

Winner of round is character locked, Loser may switch. 

Level Lock:

Stage is restricted to Colony City ONLY.

Level Restriction:

There is NO level restriction and NO suit restriction!

Lag and DQ:

To prevent lag, this tournament will be restricted to NA West Coast, unless you're positive you have a good connection or are wired.

If match is too laggy, please stop the match immediately and you can retry. If you continue fighting, the match will be considered ok. If a player disconnects, that will count as one loss towards that player. 

Please Be On Time:

Please show up on time for the tournament as well as when it is your turn. Please be on the stream and Discord to make communication easier. { } ( )

Résultats finaux

Gagnant du tournoi: I HATE this game
Digne adversaire: v2 is unironically fair
Peut-être la prochaine fois: Londo Bell: DEM BOIZ

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