GT amateur duel draft 999-1199

  • Groups (6 → 4) then Single Elimination  
  • Quake Live  
  • 15 October 2016 à 14:00 BST  
  • Enregistrement: Fermé  
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Start date: 15TH October

Finnish date: TBA


IRC-Channel: #gametribecups and join #gametribedraft999-1199 (irc.quakenet servers)

Players: 10 players will be needed as a minimum in each skill group for that group to go ahead.

Prize pool: $550. Break down
QL Rating 999-1199: $45: 1ST $30, 2ND $15
QL Rating 1200-1399: $90: 1ST $60, 2ND $30
QL Rating 1400-1599: $160: 1ST $90, 2ND $40 3RD $20
QL Rating 1600-1850: $255: 1ST $140, 2ND $70 3RD $35

Maps: Cure, vertical vengeance, Sinister, Lost World, Aero Walk, Dismemberment, furious heights

Donation: For anyone who would like to support the GameTribe duel draft series and see that it continues series after series, please Donate $1/$2 a month.

Format: 2 groups of 6 players with top 4 going through, One group stage then onto the final stage.


QL Rating 999-1199: at least 25 duels played to join 
QL Rating 1200-1399: at least 50 duels played to join
QL Rating 1400-1599: at least 75 duels played to join
QL Rating 1600-1850: at least 100 duels played to join

Group stage BO3, Final stage BO5 , final BO7.

for BO3 - pick pick, drop drop, drop drop pick.

for BO5 - pick pick, pick pick, drop drop pick.

for BO7 - Map selection is Coin toss winner pick 1st map (loser of map 1 picks map 2, loser of 2 picks 3 etc).

All games in final stage including semi and quarters are BO5, only the Grand final is BO7.


Group A games 15TH October 2016 14:00 BST(15:00 CEST).

Group B games 22ND October 2016 14:00 BST(15:00 CEST).


   Final stage

Final stage round 1 games 29TH October 2016 14:00 BST(15:00 CEST).

    Final stage round 1 games 5TH November 2016 14:00 GMT(15:00 CEST).

Donate to [email protected] if you are able to make help this be even more fun.

Résultats finaux

Gagnant du tournois: p5ych0
Digne adversaire: GibiskUss

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