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  • Puzzle Strike  
  • 26 December 2016 à 19:19 CET  
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Hi all !

The Puzzle Strike Yearly Division of Über Casual Kontest is about honor, devotion and ducks.


  • Best of Five (first to three victories wins a match)

  • Double Elimination (two match losses and you're out)

  • Character lock, no counterpick (when you loose you can only switch a chip pile from the bank or make another new completely randomly)

  • Random starting bank rules changed from my first post

  • Slow Timer If both player agree, they can choose to play with another timer.

  • Random player going first Determined by the software.

  • No collusion, alt account, etc.

Scheduling rules

  • I'll send out scheduling conversations to both players. Signups will end after Friday, December 23th.

  • Bracket will go up on Monday, December 26th.

    • Predictions can be made then.
    • The first scheduling conversations will be sent out Monday, December 26th.
  • Matches should be scheduled and run within a week after
    the conversation is sent.
    • In the event that players can't arrange a suitable deadline, contact
      me to arrange for an extension.
    • If players merely FAIL to meet a
      deadline, I'll take it upon myself to decide what happens.
    • If you know who your next opponent is and want to play ahead, feel
      free to make a scheduling conversation, but please make sure to add me
      to it so I can keep track of things.

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