The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Tournament

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  • Races on SRL. (No Major Glitches runs)
  • Races aren't 1on1 exclusive, other pairs or single runner can join 
  • You can only race against one other member of your current group during a single race.
  • When finished with your race, Private Message on irc #alttp or @ajneb174 on Twitter to report who won with a link to the race.
  • You're given 7 days from when your match has started to race your opponent, if one of the players wasn't active or didn't try to set up a date with the opponent, he will be disqualified. (if you really can't race during a period of time, PM me and let me know why and when you can't race, so I could delay your race or anything)
  • 19th april 2015 is the limit for group stage
Good luck and have fun !

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