Hotel General Play / MvCi tourney

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(Disclaimer; This is in no way affiliated with Avcon, this is called Avcon Hotel tourney because of its close proximity and it's hosted after DBFZ finals, this is a privately run tournament in a hotel across the street)

Anyway, this is just a small tourney and general meet to play some fighting games, I'll have a ps4 set up with Street Fighter 3s (Anniversary Collection) / 5 , MvC:I, UMvC3, BBCF, BBxTB,  and all that jazz, feel free to bring your own setups (Sticks/Monitors/PS4s)

The MvCi tourney will have a $50 prize for first place and pizza for people who come to play (why not 3s or dbfz you ask? bc then nobody would play MvCi)

It'll be in the Oaks Horizons (104 North Terrace, Adelaide CBD)   across the street from Avcon. Because of how the hotel works they use keycards, so let Sahdiq, Alex or I know, chances are i

Un aperçu du bracket sera affiché dès que deux ou plus de participants seront inscrits.