IoGR 2nd annual Tournament

  • Joueurs
  • Format
    Groups (16 → 4) then Single Elimination
  • Jeu
    Illusion of Gaia
  • Debut
    5 February 2022 à 11:02 EST
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We are very excited to present to you the 2nd edition of Illusion of Gaia Randomizer Tournament!

Hosted on Speedgaming and Germench,  Saturday February 5th (Group Phase) and Sunday February 6th (Runners-up and Final)!

IOG Tournament Rules and Guidelines

The IoGR tournament will take place over 2 days, February 5th (Saturday) and February 6th (Sunday) of 2022. The first day will consist of 4 separate matches for 4 groups of 4 players (who had the best times in the Prequalification seed). The second day,  two matches between the winners and the runners up of the previous day’s matches. All the races matches will be hosted on the websites Speedgaming and Germench.

Date/Time:    Event:

January 15th    Deadline for Registration

February 5th: 9AM EST / 3PM CEST    Match 1

February 5th: 12PM EST / 6PM CEST    Match 2

February 5th: 3PM EST / 9PM CEST    Match 3

February 5th: 6PM EST / 12PM CEST    Match 4

February 6th: 10AM EST / 4PM  CEST   Runners-up

February 6th: 1PM EST / 7PM  CEST   FINALS

The timer starts when the player press start after the settings screen and stops when Gaia receives the final hit.


Though there is flexibility in the gaming setup a player can use, there are requirements that must be followed. This is to promote fairness (ensures each player is using the same visual aid during their runs) and help prevent technical difficulties during the tournament broadcast.

1.    Auto-Tracker: Emotracker Illusion of Gaia by Apokalysme, Classic version

2.    Speedrun Timer that can link up with (recommended option: LiveSplit)

-Be sure to create an account on and link it up with your twitch account.

3.   Nothing must cover your game, timer and tracker.

Recommended Gaming Setups (options for playing IoGR that are compatible with the required programs):

1.    SNES Emulators with LUA script support – SNES 9X RX, Bizhawk 2.3.1, etc.

2.    Super Nintendo Authentic/Clone Console with Flash Cart that has USB port with support for autotrackers (such as SD2SNES, FXPAK PRO)


1.    Register on A prequalification seed will be provided.

2.   Join the Discord:

3.    Complete the seed offline in one attempt, using a setup meeting the previous requirements. In the spirit of good sportsmanship, please be honest with your run (i.e. no cheating). 

4.    Send a Private Message on Discord to QueenAnneB#3890 with your time in the following format: HH:MM:SS (ex. 4:32:10).


-The Game Knowledge Base file in the channel Tutorial and the Read Me

-The Weekly Seed is a great way to practice. You can quickly get a good comparison of your times versus others, and also track your personal progress.

-Any questions regarding the tournament rules and guidelines should be directed to the organizers (DontBaguMe and QueenAnneB).

Quick Tips:

-Watching speedruns of IoG can be helpful in learning new techniques or strategies in increasing your times.

-Though deaths can be discouraging, do not give up. A lucky find can more than make up for that time loss.

-Do not forget this is a game, remember to have fun. That is the whole reason to play this, right?

Good luck, have fun, and blame Bagu.

Ces groupes sont une prévisualisation et sont sujet à changer jusqu'à ce que le tournoi soit démarré.

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