BG Handicap Tournament Suprise mothafucka

  • 9 joueur Single Elimination  
  • Unspecified game  
  • 4 March 2018 à 21:00 EST  
  • Enregistrement: Fermé  
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March 4th @ 9pm EST (check in from 8-9pm)


/join bghandicap

Who can play? 

Any BG member from all ranks no restrictions (tryouts welcome!)

How does it work?

 This will be a standard single elimination tournament that will be making use of the Handicap % feature in custom games - this will give all players a fighting chance. For every three tiers in rank, the player who is higher in rank will receive a 10% handicap. 


For example If Player A is Master 3 and Player B is Diamond 3, then the Master league player will set their handicap to 90% at the start of the game. If the same Player A plays a Gold 3 then he will start the game with 70% handicap.


This time I've included a google sheet as a handy guide for determining Handicap:


 Bo3 until Finals which will be Bo5. Players will veto down to 3 maps and select the map order. Higher seed will choose first and vetos/map selection will occur in ABABAB format. 

Résultats finaux

Gagnant du tournois: RexRequired
Digne adversaire: Grumman

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