BTSL Amateur Series 27 - Diamond - Masters(5200 mmr)

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DIAMOND THROUGH MASTERS ONLY-current season ranking must be MASTERS or below(previous seasons don't matter). Eligability to play is based off your CURRENT HIGHEST RATING(regardless of server; IE if you are gold EU and platinum NA you cannot participate in gold tournament, but you may join platinum tournament).

The 5200 mmr cap is to prevent smurfing from people dropping down from GM.

Tanking rating, smurfing, and any other form of cheating will result in a BAN from future BTSL amateur events.

IF you do not fill out the form  before check-ins close you cannot participate.
PLAYERS ARE REQUIRED TO FILL OUT THIS  FORM TO PARTICIPATE.(Form is to better be able to check for smurfs)

By entering into this tournament, you agree to the following Rules and Regulations.

Channel: BaseTradeTV2 (/join basetradetv2) (if you cannot join channel contact @darers on discord)



  • all Round until semifinal - Bo1
  • Semifinals/Finals - Bo3 (finals played on stream)

Prize: winner gets 1 hour of coaching

Map Pool:- first map prepicked, loser picks next map -

  • Catalyst LE
  • Acid Plant LE
  • 16-Bit LE
  • Lost and Found LE
  • Dreamcatcher LE
  • Redshift LE
  • Darkness Sanctuary LE

Résultats finaux

Gagnant du tournois: niftynathan
Digne adversaire: OralRock

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