Sunken Ship's 1st November 17 Tournament

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Official 2017 rule set with one exception. Gentleman's to a stage is perfectly legal. If it's agreed upon than it doesn't even need to be a legal stage however you can not request to redo a set/game after agreeing to a Gentleman's stage. Once agreed upon, the outcome of the next match is definitive. Gentlemaning to anything else is completely illegal and can result in disqualification. (i.e.Gentlemans to a higher/lower set count or to another rule set)

This is an open tournament. Invite whomever you want.

If you're entering the tournament please let your tag in the bracket match or resemble your name on discord.

Time's are adjustable as the brackets are usually small enough to easily converse with members personally. DQ's will also show a small amount of lenience, but TO's will have the right to call shots when they see fit.

TO's are as follows:

EEL | Cj Toast

EEL | Mohw

EEL | Red

Substitutes in the event a TO is missing are as follows:

EEL | Fuzzy Metroid

EEL | Dust

Résultats finaux

Gagnant du tournois: CjToast
Digne adversaire: thebulbalord227
Peut-être la prochaine fois: Fuzzydyne

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