Final Fantasy One Randomizer Tournament

  • 31 joueur Double Elimination  
  • Final Fantasy  
  • 26 August 2017 à 15:00 PDT  
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Welcome to the official Final Fantasy One Randomizer Tournament!


There is a very small chance that using too many teleporters in Ordeals can result in a soft lock.  Therefore, as savestates are frowned upon, the best option is to tent outside of Ordeals.


Please direct all scheduling of matches to this form:

And for a list of the scheduled matches themselves along with commentary and restream:


Entry period now CLOSED!

You can obtain the Final Fantasy Randomizer here:

Final Fantasy Randomizer Newcomers Guide:
Final Fantasy Info (Weapons, Spells, Armor, etc):
Final Fantasy Maps:

Final Fantasy Randomizer Tutorial:
Final Fantasy Randomizer Readme:


Double Elimination Tournament

Brackets are subject to change prior to official start of Tournament.

Prizes will be announced upon the first race of the Tournament!

The winner of the tournament will attempt an insanely difficult run post tourney!


Flags will be determined and announced prior to each round, by a designated tournament admin.  Seed will be generated at random prior to each race by a designated tournament admin.  Party will be determined randomly prior to each round, by a designated tournament admin, whether open or forced, if open, the entrants will have their choice of classes, if forced, they must use the predetermined classes.  The flagset is as follows currently, so if you wish to practice please proceed:

1st ROUND: 00000000_KfTfAQKCoo (Open Party)
2nd ROUND: 00000000_qf7fAQOEoo (One Forced Party Class)

3rd ROUND: 00000000_q%%%AQUMee (Two Forced Party Classes )

4th ROUND to SEMI FINALS: 00000000_r%%%AQeUee (Two Forced Party Classes)

SEMI FINALS: 00000000_v%%%AQeUee (Three Forced Party Classes)

FINALS: 00000000_v5%%AQoZUU (Four Forced Party Classes)

TOURNAMENT WINNER: 00000000_v4%%AQoooo Party will be a single class challenge, voted on during the tournament by entrants and viewers!  Vote here:

Each round will increase in flagset difficulty or party selection after advancing with a win, losers bracket will race the same flagset difficulty from the 1st round, for the initial round in the losers bracket.  1st round winners from the losers bracket will also race increased flagset and party difficulty in the 2nd and additional rounds of the losers bracket.  EDIT:  Since it's becoming a confusion, WINNERS BRACKET IS BEST OF 3 WINS.  LOSERS BRACKET IS BEST OF 1.

Scheduled matches will be coordinated by a designated tournament admin and the entrants.  Entrants must use an emulator or console NES and the Final Fantasy Randomizer to play on.  All races will be broadcast via the FFR community, Randomizermania and SpeedGaming (Thanks Gameboyf9 and Feasel!)

PRIZES: Semi Finalist winners will each win 1000 bits or the equivalent of $10.00 USD.  The Grand Prize winner will win this 8 bit themed light up sword with sounds:

Have fun and make sure you practice!


Please direct any questions or comments regarding the rules, registration, scheduling and etc to a designated tournament admin such as Czardia, or xIceBlue via discord here:

Final Fantasy One Randomizer Tournament

Résultats finaux

Gagnant du tournois: Tristalmtg
Digne adversaire: xIceblue
Peut-être la prochaine fois: Edgeworth_

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