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  • 28 April 2018 à 17:30 EDT  
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Get ready for the highest IQ competition in Guilty Gear.  This is the US East Coast vs the US West Coast Tourney.

EDIT: The Tourney has been pushed back to Saturday, April 28th at 5:30PM EST.




This bracket is for the sole purpose of collecting the names of the entrants for the tourney. Once we know how many participants the tournament will have, the challonge page will be used for the purpose of organization only. As the actual competition will not use a bracket. Please change your Challonge name to have either (EC) or (WC) in it so we know who's entering for what team.

As per usual, a disposable discord will be used for communication during the tournament.

Also sorry EU bros, you're gonna have to sit this one out. Kick back, relax, have your stream watching licenses ready for the bobby, and enjoy the American Civil War II.




† - There will be two teams of East Coast and West Coast players (team number max will be decided later).

† - Midwest and Central US PC players are allowed to choose what team they will rep (we're using the honor system so you don't actually have to say where you live, that's how the glow in the dark CIA Niggers get you).

† - Once teams are decided, each team will have 5 minutes between each match to decide who fights next.

† - The winner is locked in and cannot be tagged out after his match. Losing is the only way out once a competitor wins.

† - All matches are single elimination, once a player is eliminated, they are unable to fight for the rest of the tourney.

† - Last team standing wins.




Friday, April 27th. Check ins start 30 minutes prior to the actual start time: 7:30 PM.

(All time zones listed are in EST because it's the best coast)

Also fuck you. We're calling it Fridat now.

Résultats finaux

Gagnant du tournois: [WC] Stacy
Digne adversaire: miyakowolfy(EC)

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