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Ra2 Draft

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ALL DEMOS NEED TO BE SENT TO: [email protected]

Map Pool: ra2map1, 9, 17, 20, 23, 24, 26, 27, daknye

Each team will be able to pick their map and if a tie breaker is required teams have one chance to agree upon a map, if even one person disagrees with the pick, the ref at the time is to randomly pick a map for them to play. 


- Team size will be 3’s (atleast for the first go around)
- Games with be Bo3 and the final games will be Bo5
- Competive mode
- Rounds should be set to 9, armor damage on and falling damage on.

An admin has to be present for games.
- A demo of each game is required, and are to be ready if asked to send them. (admins present should take screenshots of each match. (Reason: anticheat won't be forced on servers, due to its stopped development for new clients and operating systems.)
- Failure to provide demos upon request will result in an automatic FF.
- Games should be played in a timely manner, and be fair for both teams.
- Server will be tx based as it is a central point for the US.
- Mumble is not required for games, but is encouraged as it is good for communication.


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