2. SD Fun Tournament by Protosszocker

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Hey Divisions Commanders,

Once Again I want to organize a Steel division 1vs1 Tournament.
Everyone is free to join. Starts on the 29th of April at 4 pm CEST (click here to find out what time it is for you: https://goo.gl/d2HMTh)

Registration here or leave a comment either on:


or on:


Registration open until 1hour before the Tournament starts (https://goo.gl/d2HMTh)

Be on the discord Channel around half an hour before the tournament starts so I can confirm your participation.



Bo1 Matches; Single Elimination; finals and match for 3rd Place are Bo3

Time limit: 40 minutes

Conquest point limit: 5000 points

Income: normal

Allies vs Allies and Axis vs Axis settings are allowed

If someone leaves the remaining player gets a free win without a rematch (so we can hold it in time)

Players use http://cointossr.com/ to decide who chooses the division that is played first. Whoever wins the cointoss can decide whether he/she wants to choose first or second. Once you have choosen a Division and told your opponent that you did you may not change it anymore, however deck changes to it are allowed.

Maps in the rounds up to the finals:

1st round: Pointe du Hoc

2nd round: Colombelle

3rd round: Omaha

Semifinals: Pointe du Hoc

Finals and match for 3rd place are a Best of 3:

1st map: Pointe du Hoc

2nd map: chosen by loser of 1st map

3rd map: chosen by loser of 2nd map

Special rules for the finals and match for 3rd place:

No division may be played twice (per player).


Player on top of the bracket is hosting, unless both players agree to do so otherwise.

Start your game within 10 minutes after the last round, find your opponent on discord for communication.

Name the game after Your opponent.

Results in the tourney channel or as PM to Razzmann.

Replays uploaded here > http://sd-replays.net/replay-list

Résultats finaux

Gagnant du tournois: Fussel
Digne adversaire: MyDiamonD
Peut-être la prochaine fois: local festival

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