DHOpen WCS Circuit Summer Championship NA Server qualifier#1

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BO3 Single Elimination format.
Channel name: DHMTL16
A player can chose to play in one of the two regions  "EU or NA" server qualifiers.
And you can't switch during a Season.

Rules: http://open.dreamhack.se/page/dreamhack-zowie-open-ruleset-sc2/
WCS Rules: https://bnetcmsus-a.akamaihd.net/cms/content_entry_media/2v/2VNT5NG496601459889207362.pdf

Players will be required to play under the name that they wish to use during the WCS Circuit Summer Championship. A free character name change was provided to every account on June 20th. Player’s account names have to be recognizable (no ‘bar code’ or otherwise unknown alias) once Grandmaster League opens. Any later name changes will render that account ineligible for the respective top 16 final.

Due to timing and visa considerations, players from the China region will not be able to compete in NA server qualifiers for the Summer Championship. Instead, one spot has been allocated to a China region only qualifiers. Players from the other regions will still be able compete in NA server qualifiers.


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