UPGS: Tekken 7 January Finals

  • Groups (4 → 4) then Double Elimination  
  • Tekken 7  
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Game by Game Rule Set:

A Set is Best of 3 Games.

Each Game is Best of 5 Rounds.

Timer is 60.

Character Changes:

After each Game in a Set either Player can choose to change Characters.

In this Scenario, the Winner picks their Character First and the Loser picks Second.

Stage Picks:

First Stage of each Set is Random.

Loser of the Previous Round can choose to Rematch on the same stage or choose to play a different Random Stage. In this case they must select the ‘Random’ stage button.


Pausing/Controller Disconnect:

If a Player Pauses Mid-Game or their Controller Disconnects, the Player must give up the Round they are playing on. (by dropping their HP to Zero.)

The above rule can be mitigated if their Opponent allows them to continue playing after the pause. Once this decision is made however the Opponent cannot go back on their decision.

Game Crashes:

If the Game Crashes the players must restart the game, set the rounds equal to where they were before (E.g 2-1) and restart the round from Full Health.

Keep Playing: 

Once a player has started playing they are not able to leave in the middle of match. They will also not be able to play their match in segments. If a player leaves for an excess of 10 minutes in between matches their game is forfeit. 


If possible, please bring your own controller to the event! This will speed up the process and whilst some setups may have controllers already, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Also if anyone can spare a setup during the time of the event, it would be greatly appreciated, as we can get more players involved and play more Tekken!

Winners Finals, Losers Semi and Finals and Grand Finals are all BO5.

Résultats finaux

Gagnant du tournois: Luke (Steve R)
Digne adversaire: Omer (Pwntage)
Peut-être la prochaine fois: Aaron (Labrys)

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