Strife draft 1v1

  • Single Elimination  
  • Strife  
  • June 24, 2015 at 1:00 PM EDT  
  • Check-in: Underway Now  
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hey welcome to my Strife 1v1 draft tournament, the rules was simple, just follow the three steps,

1: when you two join a lobby, you two can draft three hero's, this stage was called "hero's draft"

2: then you two ban each other one hero, this stage was called "ban draft" ( example: player one can ban one hero in the 2 player draft )

3: after "ban draft", you only have two hero to play with, once you pick the hero, let's the game begin

NOTE!: don't try to cheat by pick a hero you want, doing this will automatic lose, if you see a Participants cheating this way, quit and contact me right now, you can only report once!, so use it's wisely.

you win the round by two ways, one way: kill a hero. or second way: destroy bottom tier 1 tower

it's basically like a "Strife weekly tournament", but this one was practice tournament, so don't worry if you lose a round.

when you sign up, you notice the bracket was full, but this is not this case, when you sign up, you get to preview yourself on the bracket and what you going to up against by the next day, also make sure you check in before the start time :), otherwise you got kicked, ( because there might be afk )


Translation: Latin

hey accipienda discordiamve 1v1 draft tournament, agendi regulas simplex quidem esset, iustus insist tres gradue,

I: Cum facis bini se a lobby, vobis duo can adumbrare tres altera comarum, hoc scaena vocabatur "comarum parte draft"

II: donec ban duo inter se altera comarum, hoc scaena vocabtur "ban draft" ( example: luio ludius potest banunus in secundo player draft)

III post "ban capturam" duos tantum Iudere hero quondam viri tulistis eamus Iudum incipere

NOTE!: non capto perent per pick a comarum parte vis faciens automatic voluntatem amittere, si videris Participants depilandis hoc modo vacuum and contact me vox iam, vos can tantum referre semel !, sic utor suus 'sapienter.

vobis vincere circumductis dupliciter uno modo interficere constituit. vel secondo modo disperdite bottom terno I turris

simile est basically "torneamentum Discordia felis" torneamentum sed usu erat, ne solliciti rotundum perdidierit.

Suspendisse vobis, repletus bracket videris, sed hoc non est, cum signum est, quod vos adepto ut augue contra te et per bracket in crastinum, et fac in coerceas ante initium temporis :) alias accepistie calce (quia AFK fieret)

A bracket preview will be displayed once 2 or more participants are registered.