Gravitational Cup #8: children of starcraft's future

Admin and Tournament lead- Gravity620

twitter: @realgravity620

twitch: www.twitch.tv/gravity620


Please click here and contribute to the tournament Use code "Gravity8" to add $.50 to the prize pool. please use the code only once. and complete the sponsor quests to add even more to the prize pool https://matcherino.com/tournaments/18251/

This is a special tournament all donations and matcherino will go towards the Children's Miracle Network.  They have been a great orginization and when baby grav was in the NICU they helped with medical bills and such just wanting to help give back and help other

Tournament will be at 7:00 PM Cdt

Gravitational Cup Detailed Rules/Info

1.  Prize Pool

All tournament winnings will be paid through Matcherinol, so it will be assumed that players are capable of receiving payment through that platform. Players are responsible for understanding the rules and regulations of payment through Matcherino

2.  Tournament Schedule

All tournament matches will be played in 1 day 

Check-in begins an hour before the tournament matches start. Any players not checked in during this time will be disqualified.

Player check-in: To check-in, join the Battle.net channel “Gravitationalcup” (command: /join gravitationalcup) and mention to an admin that you are checking in. As well as check in here

Tournament matches will begin at 7:00 Pm cdt

3.  Tournament Structure

Single-elimination bracket; BO3 till grand finals will be a single best-of-5

Seeding will be assigned through a random generator.

The tournament bracket will only be finalized at planned start time of the tournament series, so that any players who have not checked in may be removed from the bracket.

Tournament Maps will use the current Battle.net ladder maps

Matches will be best of 3 games, except for the grand finals, which will be best of 5

 no other accounts will be able to make official tournament decisions. Please reach out to these accounts on the specified platform. If we get more then 32 players we will go to best of 1 until we get to round of 32.

4.  Rules of Engagement

In-game race: players may compete as any race during the tournament, and may switch race mid-series.

Late/absent policy - players may have a 10 minute grace period between series, which can be extended if they contact both their opponent and a tournament admin.

 If players are missing for 10 minutes, they will forfeit their first game in the series.

 If players are missing for 15 minutes, then they will forfeit the full series.

Before your series begins, please check if the official casters need a game to cast, so that we are able to broadcast as many games as possible.

Map ban/pick rules:

A vetoed map is one that cannot be picked to play during a series

Best of 3 map process (ABAB - BAB):

The higher seeded player (shown on the Challonge bracket) is considered Player A, and the lower seeded player is Player B.

Player A vetoes 1 map

Player B vetoes 1 maps

Player A  vetoes 1 map

Player B vetoes 1 maps

Player A picks 1 map

Player B picks 1 map

Player A picks 1 map

Grand finals (bo5) map process:

Player  A will be the top player , and the player on the bottom is Player B

Player B picks a map to start the series

all subsequent maps are loser’s pick

Reporting your matches

Please message an admin the score so that the may update the bracket.

Please save all match replays; they may be needed for any disputes

If a match is reported improperly, please notify a tournament admin as soon as possible (admins are listed earlier in this document)

If there is a disconnect during gameplay, please contact a tournament admin. They will help you resume from replay and continue the set.

Observers: players may request to not allow any observers into their matches, except in the case of official tournament casters and admins. If you are unsure if a caster is official, please contact an admin. Players may not refuse to be casted/streamed by the official broadcast.

All decisions made by tournament admins are final.

5.  Registration Requirements

As the goal of this tournament is to encourage players  to participate more competitively, all levels are accepted 

6.  Player Conduct

The Gravitational cup is intended to be a positive and enjoyable experience for all participants, and the hope is that the player conduct will align with that principal. While we cannot govern what players do outside of the tournament, it is expected that while players participate in the tournament, they shall abide by a few rules of conduct:

No harassment of any sort, to any other participants, through any channels of communication during the duration of the tournament.

No intentional unsportsmanlike conduct. This can include actions such as refusing to participate in map vetoes/picks, refusing to join game lobbies, etc.

Any player misconduct should be reported to only the members listed in the “Admins” list earlier in this document.

All decisions regarding player misconduct shall be made at the discretion of the tournament administrators.

Players engaging in misconduct will first receive a warning, and any additional misconduct will result in disqualification from the current tournament, as well as a temporary ban from one subsequent Gravitational Cup tournament.

7.  Broadcast Information

The official tournament broadcast can be found on www.twitch.tv/Gravity620. Due to time constraints, it is not guaranteed that all tournament matches will be broadcast.

Players are allowed to broadcast their personal tournament matches, however do so at your own risk as it may expose you to stream cheating, which we cannot moderate. The official stream will have an adequate delay on it, but player streams will have no restrictions.

This bracket is a preview and subject to change until the tournament is started.

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