Home Story Cup XXI - Northamerica Qualifier - PART2

TOP 16 moving from PART 1: https://challonge.com/jj8ws3h6

https://cdn.eslgaming.com/misc/media/lo/ESL_Pro_Tour_SC2-Structure_Regulations.pdf - https://cdn.eslgaming.com/misc/media/lo/IEMRulebook.pdf

Mappool: 2000 Atmospheres, Blackburn, Hardwire, Glittering Ashes, Pride of Altaris, Curious Minds, Berlingrad
Vetosystem: BAN - ABAB; Pick - AB (bo3) | Ban - AB; Pick - ABABC;

Ingame Channel: hscxxi

HomeStoryCup XXI will take place from 21st to 24th July. The tournament requires the players to arrive 19th of July.

Official schedule:
- 19th July arrival

- 20th July media day

- 21st - 24th July tournament days

- 25th July departure

Please participate in the qualifiers ONLY if you are available to travel to Krefeld, Germany at those dates.

A bracket preview will be displayed once 2 or more participants are registered.