Reincarnation IV ($10 Amazon/Steam Gift Card)

  • 15 játékos Double Elimination  
  • Super Smash Flash 2  
  • 2018. April 14., 2:00 PM EDT  
  • Bejelentkezés: Jelenleg zajlik  
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First place gets either a $10 Amazon or Steam Gift Card if I decide on one 



Tournament/Bracket Rules:

  • Each BO3 round has a strict time limit of 35 minutes. If a set is ongoing when the time limit for a round is up, the set will be decided by a TO - whoever is responsible for the time delay is very likely to be the person awarded the loss.
  •  Each BO5 round has a time limit of 45 minutes, for the same reasons given above.
  •  Report your own set scores via challonge. If a player is found to be attempting to deceive the TOs by reporting the wrong scores, they will be DQ'd immediately.
  •  If you do not show up to your match without informing a TO beforehand, the following penalties will be awarded:

      * 10 minutes late - Game 1 of the current set will be forfeit.
      * 15 minutes late - Immediate DQ from the tournament.

In-Game Rules:

  •  4 Stocks, 8 minutes
  •  Items disabled
  •  Hazards disabled
  •  All mods are banned.
  •  All matches are best of 3, except for top 8, which are best of 5. Top 8 includes Winners Semis, Winners Finals, Losers Round of 7th Place, Losers Quarters, Losers Semis, Losers Finals, and Grand Finals.

Stage list:



            Final Destination/Nintendo 3DS/Waiting Room

            Pokémon Colosseum


            Tower of Salvation


            Castle Seige

            Dracula's Castle

            Jungle Hijinx


            Yoshi's Story

Set Procedure

  •   Players will double-blind pick their first characters.
  •   Players will use the 1-2-1 striking system to determine which neutral stage to use for the first game. The higher seed player will strike first. If you don't know how to strike, google it ya nerd. Or ask a TO.
  •   For all subsequent games, the winning player will ban 3 stages from the list above and the losing player will counterpick from the remaining stages. The winner will then announce their character, followed by the loser.
  •   A player cannot counterpick a stage if they previously won on it during the same set.
  •   Gentleman's Clause is in effect. Any stage may be chosen if both players agree to it.


  •   If the players desynch, the game will be replayed on the same stage with the same characters. In the case where at least one stock was lost before the desynch, both players will start the game with the same number of stocks that they had at the time of the desynch. If an argument arises over desynching, a TO will resolve the issue.
  •   If the players experience severe lag issues, a TO will supervise both players in taking a speedtest. If a player's result is considered unsuitable for competitive play, their current opponent will advance.
  •   If the players desynch twice on one game, it is considered void and will not count against either player.
  •   If the players experience at least 2 games that are void in this fashion, a TO will advance the player with the better connection. To make things simple, we will use speedtest to determine the winner.

Other Rules

  •   If the timer runs out, the person with the most stocks left wins. If both players have an equal number of stocks, whoever has a lower percentage wins. If the percentage is also equal, play a 1-stock 3 minute match with the same characters on the same stage to determine the winner. Repeat as necessary.
  •   If the match ends with a suicide attack (an attack that results in both characters dying simultaneously) when they are each on their last stock, the player displayed on the SSF2 victory screen is the winner.
  •   If a player intentionally disconnects from their opponent during a game, it will count as a win for their opponent. The only exception to this rule is if a reset is necessary due to an error during the game's setup (wrong players, characters, stages, stock count, or time limit; hazards and items are not disabled; sudden death/waiting room glitch; etc.).
  •   Excessive stalling is not allowed (infinite combos past 300%, repeated use of Sonic's homing attack under stage, scrogging, etc.).
  • Kirby will be allowed under one condition, he cannot use any copy abilities, but can use inhale to combo ie- inhale bair, if the opponent accidentally used a copy ability they shall use the taunt button and then proceed with the match,  if the opponent doesn't use the taunt before 1 minute they will lose the game.  
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