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GOML 2018 ruleset

Smash Brothers Wii U

General Rules:

  • Game Settings: 2 Stocks, 6 Minute Time Limit for Singles.

  • Game Settings: 3 Stocks, 8 Minute Time Limit for Doubles.

  • Winners round 1 and Losers round 2 onwards in Top 64 (1 stage ban in counter picks for best of 5 set).

  • Top 8 doubles will be fully played as Best of 5

  • Items are disabled.

  • Custom fighters are set to off

  • Mii Fighters are legal. Each setup will have 1-1-1-1 Mii Brawlers/Swordsmen/Gunners available for use (Using Default A Mii). No other specials for Mii Fighters will be allowed. Players are not allowed to transfer existing Miis to a setup.

  • All DLC characters are legal unless explicitly stated in an addendum on a per event basis.



  • You may not choose any stage you have won on during a set, unless agreed by both players.

  • Stage bans do not carry over throughout a set.

  • If a match ends with the use of a character's self-destruct move, the player on the victory screen wins the match. If the result is a sudden death, the initiator of the self-destruct move wins.

  • If time runs outs, the tie is determined by most stocks, and then if still tied, by percentage. If percentage is tied, a 1 stock, 3 minute match is played.

  • No mid-set coaching

  • Double cloud is banned

Stage List:


  • Battlefield*

  • Final Destination**

  • Smashville

  • Lylat Cruise

  • Town & City


  • Dreamland

*Miiverse is treated the same as Battlefield. If one is banned, the other is also banned. May not be used instead of Battlefield in game 1 of a set.

**Omega Suzaku Castle, Wily Castle and Palutena’s Temple are the only stages permitted.

Additional Rules

Doubles Rules:

  • Life stealing is allowed.

  • Friendly fire is turned on.

  • Pause is turned off.


  • Player's Choice Clause: You may play by a rule outside of this ruleset if your opponent agrees to it as long as it does not under any circumstance delay the tournament process. In the event of a disagreement, house rules stand.

  • Double Blind Character Picks: Players may elect to double blind pick their characters for the first match in case of any disputes.

  • Neutral Spawn Points: Players may elect to use neutral spawn points.

  • Round Robin Ties are determined by Smash.gg tie-breaker rules.

  • Glitches: Any action that can prevent the game from continuing (freezing, disappearing characters, game reset, etc.) will result in forfeiture of the match for the player that initiated the action. You are responsible for knowing your own character and must be wary about accidentally triggering one of these effects.

Matches proceed as follows:

  1. Players select their characters. Either player may choose to Blind Pick. In this case, each player secretly tells a third player their character before picking with the third player verifying their selections.

  2. Players play a best of 1 game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Winner chooses between whether they would like to stage strike first or second.

  3. Players take turns removing stages from stage list above based upon the results of the previous rule. The first player to strike removes one stages from the list, the second player removes two stages, and the first player then chooses from the remaining two stages.

  4. The players play the first match of the set.

  5. Winning player of the preceding match bans one stage from the list of stages.

  6. The Losing player of the preceding match picks a stage for the next match. Cannot choose the stage banned in the previous step, nor a stage they've most recently won on during this set, unless agreed.

  7. The winning player of the preceding match may choose to change characters.

  8. The losing player of the preceding match may choose to change characters.

  9. The next match is played.

  10. Repeat Steps 5 through 9 for all subsequent matches until the set is complete.


Szuperbajnok: LAGr|Espeon•CH
Méltó ellenfél: Jake
Talán legközelebb: X-Naut

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