8/13 Melty @ Midnight: 2v2 Waseda

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 Melty Discord Waseda-Style 2v2. Sign up like this: [Name of team] ([Name of Player 1] and [Name of Player 2])


-Waseda format. (Before each set, each team will designate one player as Player A and the other as Player B. Then, the Player A's will play each other, and after that, the Player B's will play each other. If one team wins both matches, they win the set, but if each team wins only one match, the winning players will then play a match to break the tie.)

-Single elimination.

-Character locked, but not moon locked.

-If there are 5 or fewer teams signed up, this will be run as a Round Robin instead.

-You need to be in the Melty Discord to participate. I'll be calling matches from there.

-If you're not here for your match within a reasonable amount of time, you take a loss. This is intentionally vague and unfair, because I was never consistent about this before and I probably won't be now. If you don't want to deal with that, be at your match on time.

-In the event two people can't connect to each other, the other player from Team 1 will attempt to sub, then the other player from Team 2 will attempt to sub. If neither works, the two players who couldn't connect to each other play RPS to determine who wins.

-PLEASE FORWARD YOUR PORTS. Spectating is a nightmare unless your ports are forwarded, and I need to spectate to stream. If you don't know how to forward your ports, ask in Discord (I'll be glad to help!) or perform a google search. I would strongly prefer you host on 7500 if you're gonna be on stream, though I can't make you.

A bracket preview will be displayed once 2 or more participants are registered.