Super smash

  • Single Elimination  
  • Unspecified game  
  • June 3, 2018 a 9:37 PM EDT  
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Mario Donkey Kong

Pit Fox

Ness Shulk

Game and watch Zero suit samus 

Little mac Rob

Lucina Luigi

Diddy kong Paulitina

Falcon Captain falcon

Pac man Wario

Samus Meta knight

Duck hunt  Dark pit

Link Marth

Pikachu Villager

Mega man Bowser jr

Toonlink King dedede

Greninja Dr mario

Sonic Bowser

Zelda Ike

Charizard Olimar

Rosalina  Ganandorf 

Kirby Jiggly puff 

Wii fit trainer Yoshi

Sheik Robin


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