2018 Zelda 2 Randomizer Standard Tournament - Bracket Round

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Welcome to the playoffs of the 2018 Z2R Standard Tournament!

This will be double elimination and the flags (unless otherwise specified) will be: hhhhD0C#$Z8$JYSBT!

Which is swiss with No candle, encounters shuffled, random attack and life effectiveness, mix large and small enemies, no extra keys.

Semi-finals and finals will be a bit more challenging: hhAhD0j#xZ8$JYWBTR

Bracket flags with the following added: no hints, long great palace, unsafe path encounters, no combined fire spell, normal drops

All matches should be conducted within a week, however due to the holiday weekend coming up, the 1st round can be a little more lenient. Any questions or you feel I left something out, please feel free to message me on discord.

Good Luck everyone!


優勝: RoseCitySaint
準優勝: digshake
3位: Dudude Dude


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