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From French Bread, the developers of UNIST, Melty Blood was originally released in late 2002 straight to PC as a Doujin game at Comiket, since then it evolved rapidly to become an enduring staple of anime fighting game events, showing up at nearly every event in the past 16 years thanks to it's low spec requirements meaning any sod with a laptop can set up a side tournament with ease.

Gameplay wise it's relative fast pace and accessibility with reverse beat combos makes it a pretty simple game to pick up but with a large cast and the presence of more complex mechanics gives it a good depth as well.

Tournament rounds will be played Best of 3 until the finals, which will be played Best of 5.

Pauses will result in a match default.

Matches will be defaulted if left un-played for an extended period of time and you'll be expected to let it siphon off of your lunch hour.

Have fun.


優勝: Michael "Shuffled the Seed" Cole
準優勝: Scott Broadway
3位: Jacob Howells-Jones


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