Dark's smash 4 tourney #9 (Wii U)

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We will be chatting on: https://discord.gg/0xNFmpP57kr07hTo

Winner of the last Tourament: zekrawesome (Toon Link, Fox)

Link to previous bracket: http://challonge.com/dfgqkp84

Tourneys will be streamed on: https://www.twitch.tv/ben21falcon

Win Streaks:

(Captain Falcon) TakaFlaka - 2


1. (Silver II) Taka

2. (Bronze I) zekrawsome

3. (Bronze I) Boomanter

4. (Bronze I) X

5. (Bronze II) runeTigrex

6. (Bronze II) Fusion 

7. (Bronze II) Lelouch1412 

8. (Bronze II) Buckstorm

9. (Bronze II) nibodax

10. (Bronze II) DLG mystic



6 min

2 stocks

Double elimination

Items off

Best of 3 except winner's semi finals, loser's semi finals, winner's finals, loser finals, and grand finals those will be best of 5

Customs off 

Mii's allowed any size (Mii's are allowed to use any custom moveset they want so your mii can be setup 1111 or 1234 or 1221 etc.)

Starter stages:


Final Destination


Town and City

Lylat Cruise 

Counterpicks (includes starter stages):

Duck Hunt

Dreamland 64

First game bans will run on 1-2-1 system, The player on the top bracket bans one stage first, the second player then bans 2 stages and the first player bans one more stage, the remaining stage is the one that will be played on. The winner of the first match bans 2 stages and the loser picks from what's left


優勝: Brosuke2
準優勝: FMSB | Raza
3位: Monochroma


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