BTSL: Europe Qualifier 1

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By entering into this tournament, you agree to the following Rules and Regulations.

Channel: BaseTradeTV (/join basetradetv)

Server: EUROPE


These matches are played on the European server, but open to anyone to qualify (With the exception of those eligible to play in the KR/AO qualifiers below) After qualifiers complete, there will be a day of group seeding selection via stream & voice chat, while a webcam would be preferred, it's not necessary, however you are required to have access to at least a microphone, and are expected to spend qualifier prize money to buy one if you don't already have one in order to proceed.


  • Bo3 until finals
  • Finals - Bo5

top 4 qualify

$60 Prize Pool:

  1. $50
  2. $10

Map Pool: - first map prepicked, loser picks next map -If both players agree they may choose to instead do map selection by vetos-


優勝: LiquidSnute_774
準優勝: LiquidMaNa


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