Brawlhalla Hangout #4 BRAWL BOWL

  • 5 プレイヤー Single Elimination  
  • Brawlhalla  
  • February 27, 2016 at 8:00 PM CST  
  • チェックイン: 終了済み  
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 Welcome to Brawlhalla Hangout #4! Now we didn't have a tourney last week because I wasn't in the mood and players didn't really want it. But this week I got pounded and I legit me pounded with messages to do another one. So welcome to Brawl Bowl! This week it will be BrawlBall. How this will work is learning from past tourneys we are going to randomize the teams. You can bring  a friend but DO NOT expect to be paired with him/her. So this will be 100% random so when you join you will be paired with other random players and maybe a friend depends if you get lucky. Tourney will start at 8:00 PM Central on February 27th Saturday. If you have any questions or want to sign up click this link or friend me on skype carvedelf. *NOTICE* All matches will be played separately except when your match is in finals we will do it all in one game. Watch the brackets as you go and be sure to join the group chat. We will post the main room game number once the tourney starts here 79036. Do not screw your team over. If you can not make it do not check in.

Rule #1- No salt or any complaining. You will be disqualified immediately.

Rule #2- No spamming,Sexism,Racism, or anything else offensive.

Rule #3- If you Disconnect or Lag it is not our problem.-You can have a rematch if the other team is ok with it

Rule #4- You are required to stick around and watch and do not complain that you are bored.

Rule #5- You need to show up during the check up and don't be late.

Rule #6- Do not complain about your matchups.

Rule #7- If you leave during the tourney you will be disqualified.

Rule #8  Do not delay any games.
Rule #9  If you do not show up to your match you are disqualified


優勝: a god(sanchez)
準優勝: The god(ZEBRA)
3位: the Scrubs


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