Minus Chronicles: Revived

  • 11 プレイヤー Double Elimination  
  • Brawl Minus  
  • July 1, 2017 at 7:00 PM EDT  
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Welcome to MC:R!


-          1v1 Tournament, Brawl Minus 4.0BC

-          4 stocks, 8-minute timer

-          Items are set to OFF and NONE

-          Every set is best of 3 except for Winner’s Finals, Loser’s Finals, and Grand Finals which are best of 5

-          Suicide Clause: If both players lose their last stock due to a suicide move and the game goes to sudden death the initiator of the move is crowned the victor of that game.

-          Stalling Clause: Stalling is banned and will result in the loss of the set for the player who is committing the stalling. What is considered stalling is dependent on the Tournament Organizer.

-          Time Clause: If a game goes to time the winner is determined by the player with most stocks. If stock count is tied it is determined by the player with least percentage. If that too is tied both players must play another game with 1 stock 2-minute timer with the same characters on the same stage.

- Not Showing up for a match: If a player has checked in and they need to play their match but is not there, a 7-minute timer will be placed. if they request some time to finish whatever it may be, the maximum they can request is a 10 minute timer. Failure to report back at the end of either of these times will result in a DQ.

- Lavaville Clause: If both players agree, they may gentleman to Lavaville for a First to 2 set that determines their entire set, even if it was tied 1-1 or 2-2 previously, BOTH combatants must agree for this to take place, and you can not change your mind mid set. You can't gentleman to this stage, using the gentleman's clause

- Gentleman's clause: If both players agree they may go to any stage they wish, if they go to temple and one player purposefully avoids the other player by going around in circles, I will assume you are stalling and you'll lose the match.

- DSR is in effect




-Final Destination


-Pokemon Stadium 2

-Spear Pillar


-Fountain of Dreams


-Yoshi's Story

-Green Hill Zone


-Delfino Plaza

Banning phases: The player hosting the netplay room bans first. The bans for the first game in the set is 1-2-1. Subsequent matches will have the winning player ban 5 and have the loser choose 1 from the remaining list.

Grand Finals Banning: I've decided to do something a little different for GFs. Instead of just having the starter stages available. The two players in GFs will have the entire stage list to choose bans from the start of the set. The banning order will be 2-3-3-2 and the last stage left will be played on. This is for the first match, all matches after the first will have the winner ban 5 and the loser pick from the 6 remaining. DSR is not in effect for GFs so players can return to the stage they had won on.

Additional Crap:

-For GFs you must use the Lavaville clause BEFORE the first match of the FIRST SET starts, otherwise you can't use it, even in a bracket reset.

-Seeding points are based on participants and since this is the first one there will be no seeding. The points can be found on the Forum page for this tournament.
-For any questions, insults, and nudes you wish to send me, please contact me via Discord. Y'all should know me by now.

Thank you and have a great tourney!


優勝: Niagara
準優勝: fantasyDinosaur
3位: Jankoe


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