Monday Night Melee #2 (Doubles)

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Welcome back to Monday Night Melee! We can't wait to see all those that have supported us in the past and all the new players in our region! Do come out and share this day of excitement with us as we partner up with Table 1 Gaming to bring you guys a venue that is dedicating its Mondays for us! There is lots of food choices around the venue and of course lots of free parking. Any question or concerns please do ask in discussions!

Venue Opens: 6:00 PM

Doubles Begin: 7:00 PM

Singles Begin: 7:30 PM


60/30/10 for Top 3 (Singles)

70/30 for Top 2 (Doubles)

Venue Fee: $5

Doubles Fee: $2 


●4 Stocks, 8 Minutes

●No Items

●Pause Disabled

●Wobbling is Legal

●You may not choose a stage you have already won on unless mutually agreed to playback.

Starter Stages

●Yoshi's Story

●Pokemon Stadium

●Final Destination
●Dream Land

We don't just want to host a tournament for the locals, we want to grow, get better, and meet all the players in our region. Give us your thoughts, give us tips on seeding, ask us questions. We want to create a place were we can be serious and have fun too. We hope to see you guys and get to meet you all!


優勝: Nut & Kurv
準優勝: ThePinkPounder & TheSalamiBombi
3位: Venelox & Bchoi


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