The NA Spirit Tree Monthly 01

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For any questions, Message 7loco.

-North America Only  If you're overseas, try the EU Bracket: https://challonge.com/SpiritTree_EU01
-You MUST be in the Roa-Ori server: https://discord.me/ori-roa
-Your name in the Tourney MUST match your name in THIS server
-All sets are 3 stocks, BEST OF 7
NO DSR: Counterpick to any stage (except the 3 your opponent strikes, of course).

[This Tournament is a slow paced,  Play when you can!  Tournament:]
-The bracket carries on throughout the Month at max.
-When your next match is ready, decide with your opponent a time to play.

The winner of this tournament will receive The Spirit Tree Role, which acknowledges that you are the best Ori vs Ori competitor in the whole server. Only 1 of this role can exist at a time, and is re-distributed each month.

Seeding for this tournament is based off guesswork, or other results (such as NARAS).

Punishment for violating the rules stated here and in the Ori-RoA server is subject to my judgement.


優勝: Nbad
準優勝: Mystic Deer
3位: AverageRoA


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