Team Hakai Super Smash Bros U Newcomer's Tournament

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  • Participation:  Any person(s) who has signed in for the Team Hakai Newcomer's tournament
  • Structure:
    • The Tournament is a Double Elimination tournament, with each match being 1 vs.1
    • The game will determine 1 winner for each match, leading to three winners of the Team Hakai Newcomer's Super Smash Bros U. Tournament.
    • Stage Selection will be Final Destination.
  • Game Data
    • Players may bring and use their own personal Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS game, complete with their own custom save data if they so choose (each, a “Personal Game”).
    • Prior to the start of the tournament (1200 EST - 1300EST) , all players must create on the Nintendo Game the customized version of the character they plan to use and an alternate customized version of the same character.
  • Characters & Character Customization
    • Any character from the full roster of characters is permitted.
    • Customized characters are also allowed with the following parameters:
    • Mii characters may only represent the likeness of the Tournament participant using that Mii character.
    • Each player’s customized character and alternate customization must be finalized and approved prior to the start of the Tournament, and customization options must be disclosed to Team Hakai and to other participants prior to the start of the Tournament.
    • Customization options may not be adjusted after the Tournament begins.
    • Equipment is not permitted:
    • All customized Special Moves are allowed, including all Mii Fighters and their respective customizable Special Moves
    • Players may not switch to different characters (E.g. Mario to Peach) during the Tournament or change character customization options. However, during the final set of matches, a player that has lost the previous match may switch to their alternate custom version of their chosen character one time.
    • Players must stick with only one version of their customized character until the final set of matches.


優勝: Tiimmeh (invitation pending)
準優勝: Ryan (invitation pending)
3位: Xross


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