USF4Revival Online League NA Tournament 1

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USF4Revival NA Online League Tournament 1

Rules:  (please read carefully and in their entirety to avoid disappointment and disciplinary actions)

- For the entire duration of the league you are required to be part of the community of USF4Revival, you can join on facebook: on discord: In case a participant isn't a member of the community during the time of the league, he might be disqualified at any point from the league. This will avoid people being impossible to contact during the duration of the league and general problems to run it. 
- PC (steam) will be the only official platform of the League and of this tourney.
- Participants are required to add the TO on steam. Look for [USF4Revival] Dave or add him  through this link:
- the TO will create a steam group chat 1 hour before the tourney starting time with all the participants. You are required to be in the chat before the tourney's official starting time. From then, a 5 minutes hold will happen before you are disqualified from the tourney. 
- All matches excluding winners,losers and grand final will be played on a FT2 (Bo3) basis. Losers, winners and grand final will be played on a FT3 (Bo5) basis. 
- The winner of the tourney will qualify for the final part of this league and will play in a topanga like round robin bracket for the money prize and ultimate glory. 
- This is a NA only tournament, so please only enter if you're able to play players from all North America  and live in North America. 
- Seed will be fully random 
- Maximum participants: 64 
- All characters and stages allowed, Blankas Alt 3 costume is BANNED
- Characters can only be switched after a loss 
- Double KOs won't count as a win on either side, so simply replay the match. 
- Macros and turbos banned (Default Macros supported in the USF4 client such as "lp+mp+hp" are allowed)
- No Wi-Fi connections 
- If people can not connect with each other, whomever can not connect with the TO will be DQd
- If you have severe lagspikes with multiple opponents, you will be DQd. 
- No whining about connections (excluding extreme cases). This is an online tournament and as such the usual online issues are to be expected
- No Edition Select allowed, only Ultra version characters

The tourney will be streamed on:

NOTE : Top 8 will be played one game at a time to allow viewers to watch the tournament finals in its entirety via stream.



優勝: CastBlanka
準優勝: USF4Dave
3位: Jarenrune


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