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Tournament  will begin on August 23rd at 7:35PM Standard Time.

Matches are Best of 3 until Top 8 (Winners Semis, Winners Finals, Losers Quarters, Losers Semis, Losers Finals, Grand Finals).

Winner receives the "Netplay Tournament Winner" tag, and also the ability to forcefully give someone the "Netplay Tournament Wiener" tag.

To sign up, you will need to make a Challonge account.

  • For registering, go to the Bracket tab.
  • Press the button near the top of the page which says "Go to Registration".
  • Press the "Sign up" button in the middle of the page. You will be added to the bracket.
  • You can unregister by returning to the Registration page and pressing the red "Unregister" button.

Once the tournament has started, you will be able to edit your own scores once you've played your matches. You can do this by pressing the button next to the name of your match, then selecting the winner and the respective scores. In the case of a Forfeit, mark it as 0 to the winner and -1 to the loser. Contact Microsoft J on Discord if there any problems.

When striking for matches, lower seed strikes first by default in the interests of time. If it's a point of contention for you, you can opt to use the Game & Watch Hammer method, where you and your opponent use G&W's side B for the higher number. The winner strikes first.

Useful Links

For the Melee Ruleset:



For the Discord where this all takes place:



優勝: Sora
準優勝: Sock (fess in finals)
3位: Brownie24


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