QuakeWorld March Madness

  • Groups (7 → 1) then Single Elimination  
  • Quakeworld  
  • March 1, 2015 at 12:00 AM EST  
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QuakeWorld March Madness 2on2.

Tournament Starts:

March 1st 2015

Map Pool:

dm2, dm4, dm6, aerowalk, ztndm3

Other maps allowed if all players agree (spitfire, alk08dm, skull, etc)


Round Robin

Early Stage - BO3

Late Stage - BO5

Groups may be per-continent sending their best to the finals, or may be cross continent early. Depends on signups.


- Any ruleset. Smackdown encouraged for experienced players.

- The usual settings: dmm3 / 10min / 3min OT / yada yada yada

- Pause not allowed.

- If a player drops, continue play. Unless players agree. If you are experiencing connection issues, consider postponing.

Map Selection:

- /rnd team1 team2 => selected team gets first map pick

- from then on, always the team that lost the last game gets next map pick

- maps cannot be repeated in a round

Handling Ping in Cross Continent Match Ups:

Expect playing high ping games. If you are unhappy with this, do not sign up.

Fair/Even pings are expected, but not required if players agree. Experienced players are encouraged to match / high ping. A ping difference of more than 25 is considered not fair. 150 vs 50 is not fair. 120 vs 100 is fair. 78 vs 50 is not fair. Consider using cl_delay_packet to create more even games.

It should be possible for any two teams in the tournament to compete at even ping of ~120 at servers like New York, Miami, Panama. If your opponents won't move to a server with fairer pings: Don't play the game, don't continue arguing, just say "This. Is. Madness." then drop and message BogoJoker.


No Prizes at this time.



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