Contest of the Deeprealms #12

  • 17 プレイヤー Double Elimination  
  • Super Smash Bros. for Wii U  
  • March 31, 2018 at 5:00 PM EDT  
  • チェックイン: 終了済み  
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Your favorite (and only) Corrincord tournament is back! Contest of the Deeprealms is starting back up with CotD #12!

Tournament rules:

2-stocks, 6 minutes

Items set to "All Off" and frequency set to "NONE" Customs set to "Off"

Winners Finals, Loser Finals and Grand Finals are Bo5. All other sets are Bo3.

You cannot select a stage you already won on unless gentlemen'd.

There is 1 stage ban in Bo3 and no bans in Bo5.

All discussion about your matches should happen outside of the lobbies. This allows for another match to start and makes the tournament progress more smoothly.

Game 1: Stage is selected via gentlemens.

Game 2: Winner bans if applicable, Loser picks from remaining stages, Winner selects character, Loser selects character.

The process for Game 2 is repeated for additional games if needed until a player wins the set.

In the event of a timeout, the player with the most stocks is the victor. If stocks are tied the player with the least amount of percentage is the victor. If stocks and percent are both tied, a one stock, 3-minute match is to take place to decide the outcome of the game. 

In the event of major lag, both players will be lag tested by a staff member, the laggier one is cited as the source of the lag problem, and is disqualified from the tournament. If both players cause major lag issues, both are disqualified.



Final Destination


Town and City

Lylat Cruise



Omega (Palutena's Temple, Gaur Plains, Wily Castle) 

FD and Omega stages are merged

Battlefield and Dreamland are merged

Head over to the matching making channel your match number is associated with and be sure to tag any of the TO's to report your scores


優勝: Naranja
準優勝: JoxonDragmire
3位: Gameboy34


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