Bangor ASDA car park tournament #1

  • 12 プレイヤー Double Elimination  
  • Tekken 7  
  • April 18, 2018 at 6:30 PM BST  
  • チェックイン: 終了済み  
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Welcome to the Bangor ASDA car park, here everything goes. Fight dirty mate, have some bantz. You lads are going to fight in Northern Ireland's main fight stage.  So what are you lads waiting for? Join the tournament, prove you are the king of Bangor ASDA car park! Wooooooo! £10 Prize pool (so far)

Trash talk rules:

No racist crap, for example don't keep saying the N word all the time

No personal talk, for example Your mum is dead (towards the person's mum that is actually dead), you can say your mum is gay, but nothing like your mum is dead or anything that could be a very sensitive topic.

Trash talk lasts 30 seconds for each person.

You must sound like a chav, we will give examples when it comes to your turn don't worry.


Sets are BO3 matches. 

Winners finals, Losers finals and Grand finals are BO5 matches.

Disconnections DURING a match results in 1 match point to the opponent. Disconnecting during syncing does nothing, please reload.

If you lose a match you may change your character. The winner of a match is NOT allowed to change their character.

If the winner DOES change their character, it results in 1 match point to the opponent.

It is allowed to change characters inbetween sets though!

The stage must be hammerhead, I will accept a different choice if your fps is bad on that map.

Customization with usable items is allowed. +1 cool point to anyone who actually uses them well.

2D characters can now be used since the bug is fixed!

Twitch :

Discord :


優勝: LF | Butler
準優勝: LF | Trash
3位: LF | Lyrax


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