The Inverse Method [2] #4: Nintendo's Finest

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Last week we saw a surge of talent from several players as they struggled to win the tourney. The Inverse Method saw Raheem fall in Winners Finals to an unexpected choice of Fox from Proctavia. Nearly losing to DGL in Losers Finals, where they went to game 5, Raheem came back and won both sets of Grand Finals to get the runback on Proctavia and take the tourney. To keep up with the theme of the first season of The Inverse Method, we will have a special tournament every fourth tournament. As we all know, Smash contains a large roster of many iconic video game characters, most of them being Nintendo's Finest. This will play a part in the theme of this week's tourney. 

If you would like to see a rule change, leave a comment in the discussion section.

Extra Rule:

~Players may only use characters from Nintendo's top 3 franchises.

~Characters include those from the Mushroom Kingdom, Hyrule, and the Pokemon Universe.

~All other characters are not allowed for this tournament.

Basic Rules

~Matches will be 3 stock, 8 minutes.

~One match from each round will be streamed. You can request to be streamed by contacting Cyziax on Twitch.

~Sets are best 2 games out of 3. Winners, Losers, and Grand Finals are the only exceptions, them being best 3 games out of 5.

~If lag is a problem, contact Cyziax BEFORE THE MATCH ENDS and it will be dealt with accordingly.

~If you disconnect, start the match as it was left off with the same stocks and percentage.

~Items are disabled. No exceptions.


~You may have custom specials, but NO EQUIPMENT on your character.

~At the beginning of a match, characters are chosen blind. The following matches, the winner announces their character first before the loser selects their character.


~At the beginning of a match, the player with the higher seed (1 would be higher than 5) will strike one stage from the list of starters, then the other player will strike two stages from the list of starters, and finally the higher seeded player will choose where to play for game one.

~After game one, the winner will strike two stages from the entire list of stages and the loser will pick the next stage.

~The "Gentleman" rule is now in effect, meaning you can play on stages that are not from the stage list only if both players agree. 

~"Dave's Stupid Rule" will be implemented, this meaning you may not go to the same stage twice in one set.

~Stage striking is a requirement for every match (unless you are using the "Gentleman" rule).


*Final Destination/Omega Stages

*Dream Land (64)



*Delfino Plaza




*Lylat Cruise

*Kongo Jungle 64

*Wuhu Island

*Duck Hunt


*Castle Siege

*Town and City


~To find your opponent, the primary resource will be Twitch chat. This is found at or if you do not have a Twitch, the discord chat is available, though it is not recommended.


~Prizes will be awarded to the players with the most OVERALL points throughout both seasons of the Inverse Method.

~The prizes will be awarded at the end of season 2.

~The rewards are: first - $10 eshop card, second - $5 eshop card, third - $5 eshop card.

Thank you all for participating and good luck in bracket.

최종 결과

최정상 챔피언: Proctavia
주목 받을 강자: RaheemTheDream
미래의 강자: LRA_START

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