Late Night Rumble XI

  • 21 선수 Double Elimination  
  • Super Smash Flash 2  
  • January 5, 2018 at 4:00 AM CET  
  • 체크 인: 닫힘  
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Tournament Organizers: Creptiqal

Click for an SSF2 Universe invite link!


  • All games will be played with 4 stocks and 8 minutes. 
  • Hazards and items must be off. Items must be turned off via the "Item Switch" menu, and not just in Item Frequency.
  • All matches will be played in a Best of 3 format, with the exception of the top 8 which is played in a Best of 5 format.
  • For convenience, it is recommended that you change your discord nick to your challonge name.
  • Please, save and upload your replays, just in case we decide to stream.
  • Seeding will prioritize Beta tournament results. 9b tournament results will be considered to a small extent.

              STAGE PICKING


              Final Destination/Nintendo 3DS/Waiting Room*



              Dream Land

              Pokemon Colosseum


              Tower of Salvation

              Castle Siege

              Rainbow Route

              Yoshi's Story

              Dracula's Castle (With Hazards)
              WarioWare, Inc

*For Game 1, Final Destination is the default stage unless both agree to gentleman clause to another. During other games, whoever has a counterpick may select either FD, Waiting Room, or 3DS.

  • The first game must be played on a starter stage. The starter stage will be selected by a 1-2-1 banning process. The higher seed player strikes first. 
  • After the first game, the winner of the latest game bans three stages (including counterpick stages). The loser then selects one of the remaining stages to play on. During a Best of 5, only two bans are allowed. 

Gentleman's: If both players agree to it, any stage is allowed for play. Hazards are also allowed if both players agree to it. 

Dave's Stupid Rule: A player cannot pick a stage they have won on during the set in question.


32 minutes will be allowed maximum for BO3's. 45 minutes will be allowed for BO5's.

If a set is not finished within the time, one player will be DQ'd. The person to be DQ'd will be determined case-by-case. The judgment will be influenced by: personal contribution to the delay,  past tournament performances, ability to connect, and speedtests.

Each player will have fifteen minutes to show up in chat for every round. After fifteen minutes, they will lose the set by default!

Players barely late may substitute in on a case-by-case basis, but can only in Losers Round 1 or Losers Round 2. 


If you are having server issues, please report it immediately to a TO by pinging or DMs. 

If players cannot get a game started, a TO will playtest with both players to determine if a particular player is having the issue.

              Lag Clause:

  • In the event a player is extremely laggy, his or her opponent may report this to a TO. You may ONLY do this at the start of a set. If there is evidence you played for more than a minute of a match, you may not lag clause your opponent. Leave the game immediately if you wish to lag clause.
  • In general, do not lag clause unless if the lag is really bad. If you bring up the lag clause and are declined twice, you will be automatically DQ'd.

Results based on a screenshot must be DM'd to a TO. Please include the time and date at the bottom right corner in your screenshot. The TO will then decide whether the accusation is valid.

However, you can get instantly DQ'd if your connection has everything from the list below:

  • The player has more than 42+ ping.
  • The player has less than 5Mb/s download speed.
  • The player has less than 3Mb/s upload speed.


    • If you have misbehaved in a SSF2 Universe tournament, it's very likely that you'll be banned in future events for a short amount of time, the potato list is a list of people that have a very bad connection, they must show their speedtest to a TO before the tournament starts.

    These people are currently blacklisted from future SSF2 Universe events:

    These people are currently on the potato list for having very bad connection:

    • BlackWhait21
    • SirALFA


    Stalling is banned, and will result in a Disqualification!
    PTCing (Pass The Controller) is banned, and the people involved will be blacklisted!
    Stage and Character mods that break the game are not allowed!

    Alt accounts are banned!

        * If time runs out, the person with the most stocks left wins. If both players have an equal number of stocks, whoever has a lower percentage wins. If the percentage is also equal, play a 1-stock 3 minute match with the same characters on the same stage to determine the winner. Repeat as necessary.
        * If the match ends with an attack that results in both characters dying simultaneously when they are each on their last stock, the player who performed the move wins.

    Monte's Special Rule:

    Any player that is caught using alts or impersonating will be blacklisted on spot and dropped from the tournament, all the previous sets played by the Alt account will be revoked, the people he previously defeated will replay the sets they were defeated on.

    Hosting/Port Priority:

    The player with the highest seed can host first, after the first match, the loser of the previous match can counterpick port if asked. If both players agree then they can do a ?coinflip for port in the first match.

    example: ?flipcoin @Creptiqal is heads, @jamebond100 is false

    After each game, the other player may request to host the next one.

    최종 결과

    최정상 챔피언: Gaxton Falcon
    주목 받을 강자: LG_SirALFA
    미래의 강자: SenpaiCry

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