OU Tourney #1 Primal Moon

  • 5 선수 Single Elimination  
  • Minecraft  
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Sunday, December 23rd, we'll be having our monthly tournament: OU. TEAMS will also be participating in OU. The tourney won't be taking place on this day, however that is when the bracket will be posted. You will be given a few days and it's up to you and your opponent to find a good time for those days. 

I've decided that all monthly tourney's will now be OU and weeklies will be the fun once (LC, NU, ETC)

Single AND Teams OU:

Best 2/3 except for the Final Round which will be first match is winner.


# of POKEMON: 6

- Bag Clause (No Potions, revives, etc)

- Species Clause (No Double pokemon)

- Sleep Clause (Only 1 Pokemon Sleep at any point during the match)

- OHKO (No Fissure, Horn Drill, Sheer Cold, Guillotine)

- Evasion Clause (No Double Team / Minimize)

- Endless Battle Clause (Nothing to prolong the match endlessly)

- Baton Pass Clause (No pokemon can use Baton Pass)

- Swagger Clause


- No switching out pokemon during the same battle (you may swap your team before your next match but not during the same opponents. 


Winner of OU: 

- PRIMAL Scyther (6 IV + pokemon (Scyther)  + texture) 

- 5 Tourney Keys

- 100,000 IN GAME money

- 10,000 Primal Points

- Primal Key

- TRAINER RANK ONLY REWARD: If you are a trainer and win this tourney you will also receive a rank upgrade when/if you win!

-GRAND CHAMPION Rank on Discord! 

- NEW $5 in the store off any item (for the month that you are a winner!)


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