PAC to the Future - PAC-MAN Discord Tournament

  • 6 선수 Double Elimination  
  • Super Smash Flash 2  
  • July 15, 2017 at 8:00 PM BST  
  • 체크 인: Underway Now  
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  • You are only allowed to use PAC-MAN. If you're caught using any other character in this tournament, you will be INSTANTLY DISQUALIFIED. Replay data must be recorded to prove any breaking of this rule.
  • The winner of this tournament will receive a permanent "PAC-Masters" role and a temporary "Master of the Ditto" role.
  • 4 stock, 8 minute matches.
  • Items are set to none/off.
  • Though not enforced, it is advised that Quality settings are to be set to Minimum in order to minimize lag.
  • Hazards are set to off, with the exception of Dracula's Castle.
  • Sets are best out of 3; winners/losers/grand finals are best out of 5.

Stage Selection Rules:

  • For the first game, players use the 1-2-1 stage striking system to determine which stage is played first. Rock-Paper-Scissors is used to determine which player strikes first.
  • First player strikes a neutral stage.
  • Second player strikes two more neutral stages.
  • First player chooses from the remaining two neutral stages.
  • For each subsequent game, the winner may strike 4 stages from the stage list. The loser picks from the remaining stages. The winner may then change their character, followed by the loser.
  • Any stage that is previously stricken will be available again for the next game.
  • Dave's Stupid Rule: A player cannot choose a stage that they have previously won on in the same set.
  • Gentleman's Clause: If both players agree, they may choose to play on any stage, banned or otherwise.


    • Battlefield
    • Final Destination
    • Pokémon Colosseum
    • Smashville
    • Dream Land 64


    • Tower of Salvation
    • Yoshi's Story
    • WarioWare Inc.
    • Castle Siege (banned if JH is struck)
    • Jungle Hijinx (banned if CS is struck)
    • Rainbow Route
    • Saturn Valley
    Stalling is banned and will result in the forfeiture of the current game being played. Stalling is defined as intentionally delaying the game as to make it unplayable. This includes:
  • Excessively going under and around a stage for purposes other than recovery, AKA scrooging
  • Using infinite combos to deal more than 150% damage in one combo/chaingrab, or continuing an infinite combo/chaingrab past 300%
  • Using invincibility/intangibility glitches, including but not limited to Edge Cancelled Spot Dodges, to remain invincible/intangible for more than 30 seconds at a time.
  • Using freeze glitches to freeze you or your opponent's character. This includes, but is not limited to Donkey Kong's cargo throw freeze glitch.
  • Moving around the stage to get to a better position is not stalling.

  • Sudden Death Clause: If a Sudden Death occurs, a 1 stock 3 minute tiebreaker will be played instead, using the same characters and the same stage. The results from a Sudden Death will be ignored.
  • If the tiebreaker goes to Sudden Death, it will be replayed again, until a winner is determined.

  • Tardy Clause: Players should arrive on time to play their sets (offline and online). Players who are 10 minutes late will lose the first match. After an additional 5 minutes, players who are still absent will lose the set. If a player knows they will be late for any reason, they must contact the TO or another tournament representative.
  • For team matches, both partners must be present for the match to commence. If one partner arrives too late to a set, both players are penalized with the Tardy Clause above.

  • Disconnect Clause: In online tournaments, if a disconnect or desync happens during a match the first time, that match is to be replayed. For subsequent disconnects during the same set, the player who had the highest stock count wins; if stock counts are tied, the player with the lowest percentage wins; if stock and percentages are tied, a 1 stock 3 minute tie breaker is to be played.
    • If a player intentionally disconnects without proof of there being a desync or network error, they forfeit the match. It is highly recommended that you contact the other player before disconnecting.
    • Players who abuse this rule to obtain favorable match results will be disqualified.

    Coaching Clause: Coaching of any kind during a set is banned. Players may receive coaching before or after a set, but never during a set. Additionally, players may not receive coaching if they are late to a set. Both the coach and the player in the set will be penalized if the player intentionally receives coaching.

    • Coaching may not be done to stall time before the first match of the set begins. Coaching has a time limit of 5 minutes.
    • Asking for help during an online set is the same as asking for a coach, and is therefore not allowed. Helping a player during an online set is the same as coaching them.

    If any rules are broken, the player may be punished by the discretion of the TO or another tournament representative. This include but is not limited to: loss of match, loss of set, and disqualification.

    • If there are any questions about rules, the TO or another tournament representative should be consulted
    • If the TO or another tournament representative suspects a player of any form of cheating, bracket manipulation or collusion, that player will be immediately disqualified.
    This bracket is a preview and subject to change until the tournament is started.

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