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Smash 2 League #1 [Smash 2 Tournament Series]

  • 2 Players
  • Double Elimination
  • Smash 2
  • February 24, 2018 at 6:30 PM CST
  • Check in at Underway Now
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Welcome to the first unofficial Smash 2 Netplay Tournament hosted by yours truly!

Before we get into the rule set, I'd like to give a brief description of what Smash 2 exactly is, and what this tournament aims to provide. -- Smash 2 is a Brawl mod that aims to give a melee-es feel, while providing new and improve content and balancing. The game does include some new-comers (more than just the 26 melee characters.)

Now onto the tournament rules.

Game Settings
 ● Stocks: 4
● Timer: 8 minutes
● Handicap: Off
 ● Damage Ratio: 1.0
 ● Items: Off
 ● Pause: Off
 ● Friendly Fire: On

Starter Stages:

Yoshi's Story

Fountain of Dreams
Final Destination

Dreamland 64

Lylat Cruise
Pokemon Stadium 

Banning System

In a best-of-3 match: After each Game, before the next stage is selected, the Player who won the preceding Game bans a stage from either the Starter list or the Counterpick list. The banned stage cannot be selected by the opponent for the next Game. In a best-of-5 match: There are no stage bans. (Mutual agreements are allowed)

Sudden Death

If a Game goes to Sudden Death, the winner is determined by stocks and percentage at the time the Game ends. ​When the timer hits 0:00, the Player with the higher stock count is the winner. If both Players are tied in stocks the Player with the lower percentage is the winner. In the event of a percentage tie, or a Game in which both players lose their last stock simultaneously, a tiebreaker will be played on the same stage for one stock and 2 minutes. The results of Sudden Death do not count.

Ping / Latency Problems
I dont see this as being too big of an issue, but if the game is literally unplayable. we will have both players take a speed test, who ever has the faster internet will automatically win the set, while this isn't necessarily "fair" it has to be done.

This bracket is a preview and subject to change until the tournament is started.

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