THE SHIMMY 3.3 (TSN’s SFV Online Monthly with Prize-Payouts)

The Shimmy: (FREE-to-Enter ONLINE SFV Monthly Tournament with Top-3 Payouts) 

TOP-3 PRIZE-PAYOUTS will be as Follows:

1st Place: Choice Between a $20 GameStop or PSN Online-Code
2nd Place: $10 GameStop or PSN Online-Code
3rd Place: $5 GS Online Code


- You must "Check-in" on Brackets 15-Mins before Tournament Starts, Then tune into @: https://www.twitch.tv/shockbeast
- Be Sure! to enter in a Timely Manner!, This Tournament is "Soft-Capped" at 16-Players! for timing purposes. (Additional Entrants over 16-Players will be placed in a "Stand-By" Pool awaiting vacant slots, (So it is important to enter in a timely manner to be guaranteed a Slot as this Tournament is 1st-come-1st-Serve). 


- Button Checks are Responsibility of both players before Tournament starts.
- "Blind Picks" are generally not afforded in an Online Tournament.
- It is the Responsibility of the "Winning Player" to Report the Match Score (You may update the score if you have a challonge account).
If a Player is not present for a Match, A "Bye" will be awarded to the Opposing Player who will then Automatically 
Advance in the Bracket.

NOTE: All Winners-Side Matches will be played on-stream (so everybody gets a Streamed-Match). As soon as Losers-Side matches become available, we will run those off stream until Losers-Finals (in order to speed-up the tournament).

SFV (Game-Specific) RULES: 

- System: PS4 / PC 

- All SFV Tournament Games will be Double Elimination (2/3-Pools & 3/5 for L.Finals/W.Finals/G.Finals on Default Game Settings).

- Stage will be random select. Beach & Plane Stages are Soft-BANNED! (If Both Players Agree, Match will Play-On)

- Not Character Locked, However, Only Loser may switch Character for next Set, but Winner must stay with same Character.


All Streamed Tournament Matches will be held in a Private Battle-Lounge Lobby, Please don't push "Ready" until it's your Turn or instructed to do so by the Hosts or it causes Delays. [Follow this Bracket-Page & Stream-Chat! as you'll be invited to the Streamed Lobby for your match.] (Tournament Matches will be arranged through TSN Discord's "Event-Chat" & Stream Chat,  All Participants need to accept the Invites (after a minute of Invite-Sent, Players who have not accepted invite or are not present will forfeit the match.)

Button Checks are are NOT Generally Allowed in a Online Tournament, It is the Responsibility of the Player before Tournament Begins.



Reasoning: Internet Data Exchange from Modem is considerably less for Upload/Download speeds when on Wi-Fi. As much as 60-80% speeds can be reduced when on Wi-Fi connections depending on Distance from Modem. 

- LagPlay/Underwater Play/Visible Lag: Due to the Nature of Online Play, Lag can never be 100% eliminated due to degrees of lag & numerous factors including (isp/service plans/time of day/connected devices/server distance/etc.)

If any player complains of Lag, 1 of the 4 things outlined below will occur as there are 4 different catagories of Lag: 

Catagory 1: Minor Lag>>> if any player complains of "minor lag", the complaint will NOT be honored & both players must "Play On"  ("minor lag" is defined as occasional reduced connectivity but match is Playable)

Category 2: Underwater Lag>>> when match is Playable but Players feel reduced speeds as if "playing underwater" (Spectators usually don't see this visible on screen), If hosts determine lag is "Underwater Play", Match will "Play On"

Catagory 3: Visible Lag>>> when Lag is felt by Players & Visible to Spectators, If a player complains of Lag & Hosts determine Visible Lag is present, then "2nd Drop Rule" method (in Lag Catagory 4 below) will be utilized with an Option of giving the player with more bars to "take the set" or "Run it Back".

Catagory 4: UnPlayable Lag>> = Match Dropping

(If a match drops for any reason, Follow Guidelines outlined below)

-  1st Drop: If a match drops due to Any Online Issues, An Attempt will be made by both players to Re-Start the Match in Similar Life, Time, & Meter Situation in the Exact Round of the Drop. 

Reasoning: Internet connection has "lag-spikes" based on connection bandwitch exchange between both players depending on which central server is hosting their connection, sometimes restarting the match will fix the issue.

- 2nd Drop: Hosts will go back to the Match Lobby to determine "Connection Bars". Hosts will then determine player with the least bars by (visible on screen). The player with more bars will "take the set" 

Online Disclaimer: Due to the Nature of Online Tournaments, we understand a 100% "Lag-Free" environment is not feasable or even realistic, some things are just out of anyones control such as a players ISP & Service Plans, However, there are certain things that are in your control to make your connection as Adventageous as possible. As an Online Competitor/Entrant, you should take certain measures in your control to make your connection as "lagless" as possible. 

This Online Tournament requires that you must be connected to the Internet via ethernet cord for maximum bandwith connection speeds & to prevent lag issues. We suggest using a Cat5 or Cat6 Cable for Maximum Bandwith. We also suggest "Port-Forwarding" to imrove Online Lag. Other things that concern bandwith relating to Online Lag include but not limited to: Connected Devices, Service Plans, etc.

Bracket-Page: http://challonge.com/TS3_1

For more Info on TSN-Community (FGC-Scene),  our Daily Practice-Lobbies, Weekly Fight-Nights! & Monthly Tournies with Prizes, be sure to join our Discord where we talk all things FGC, share tech, & Match-Making for Lobbies with a focus on SFV / SF4 / & Classic SF & also offer 1-on-1 Traning in "Dojo" Channel. @:  https://discord.gg/hqsnwEH  


Twitter: https://twitter.com/shockbeast_

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/shockbeast

YT Channel: (shockbeast)

PSN/CFN GamerTag: @Shockbeast

DiscordTag: @Shockbeast#6077


Twitter:  https://twitter.com/ReijiTheKaiser

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/ReijiTheKaiser

PSN/CFN GamerTag: ReijiTheKaiser

DiscordTag: ReijiTheKaiser#7438

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