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Welcome to our friendly Shadow Center tourney, which includes involvement and development from the discord team of Ken/ShadowVenom718:

In hopes to get people's spirits up and excited for future activities from our Discord, this tourney was made to celebrate the festive times (although this tourney is held after the holiday dates). This tourney is held on December 29th, 2017 at 6pm EST, and any questions you may have can be directed to the TO's on Discord.

If you are new to the Shadow Center the link to the Discord is below:

The name of the TOs are:

-Omnirose (Omnirose#7742 on Discord)

-DragonZens (DragonZens#9530 on Discord) 

Prizes are included for the top 3 placements, so best of luck!

3rd: 10$ Nintendo eShop Card

2nd: 20$ Nintendo eShop Card

1st: 50$ prepaid Visa Card*

If the first place player can't accept the 50 prepaid visa then a gift card of their choice will be given.

  • As a TO, I (Omnirose) am also participating, while Zens will not. However, I am playing for fun and won't accept any prizes. If I end up making top 3, the prizes will be handed down respectively to who else made top 3 and the 4th place winner, too.
  • Note: PLEASE SAVE YOUR REPLAYS. ANYONE THAT IS CAUGHT LYING ABOUT THEIR RESULTS (i.e. you say you won when your opponent did and they give us the replay showing that) YOU WILL BE PERMANENTLY BANNED FROM OUR TOURNIES. 


  • 2 stocks, 6 minutes per round. 
  • Legal stages only unless both players gentleman (agree) to play on a different stage. Stages will be banned via Rock/Paper/Scissors, or other forms of random order for the players. If you have concerns or questions about this ask one of the two TOs before your match. These stages include:


-Final Destination**

-Lylat Cruise


-Town & City



 Dreamland is a counter pick stage and cannot be played on the first round of a set. 


Final Destination also allows for four omega stages, which are ALSO counterpick stages which won't be allowed until the second round of a set. If your opponent bans Final Destination, they ALSO ban all these omega stages. The ONLY omega stages allowed to play on are:

-Omega Palutena's Temple

-Omega Wily Castle

-Omega Suzaku Castle

-Omega Midgar

  • The sets will be BEST OF THREE (First person to win two games out of three) until the finals. Winners, Losers, and Grand Finals will all be best of 5 (First person to win three games out of five). 
  • The winner and loser of the round will report to one of the TOs via Discord or other form of communication. If there are any discrepancies, the TOs will deal with it. If you are caught lying about who won (e.g. your opponent won but you tell us you won), then you will be banned from any future tournaments we hold and will not receive any prizes from this tourney, even if you placed top 3. 

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