Hopeless Masquerade English Tournament

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(Please check into the IRC channel linked below 30 minutes before the tournament starts so we can determine who's got in and who didn't show. It is MANDATORY to be in the chat during the tournament).

To celebrate the release of the English Patch for Touhou Shinkirou ~ Hopeless Masquerade, we are hosting a tournament for everyone of all skill levels to join!

This will be a first-to-2 tournament, as per standard fighting game tournament rules, except for semis and grand finals which will be first-to-3.

If you wish to join, please mention if you are a Beginner (someone who just started playing and only know dail-a combos) intermediate (someone familiar with the game, knows some basic stun combos (or maybe even optimal at times) and are somewhat comfortable with a character or two) or expert (someone who knows how to land optimal combos, blockstrings, spacing, etc) so I can try to place the players as best as I can. Please also mention region.

The chat we will be using during the tournament will be the #Shinkirou IRC channel at irc.rizon.net. If you don't have an IRC client, you can join through the web chat here:


Feel free to find random matches in that channel at any time!

최종 결과

최정상 챔피언: Steelix100
주목 받을 강자: Hunt
미래의 강자: Gpop

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